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Dance System

A Man For All Seasons - Kieran Hebden comes in from the margins

Hear him free at You Are We this Sunday

DJmag answer

We pair M Audio’s new DSM3 monitors with the SBX10 subwoofer and stand back to observe the earth-shattering results…

Dubstep figurehead Skream has gone euphoric, smashed the templates, and upped the tempos. His new album ‘Outside The Box’ confirms he’s not content to be placed in a bracket, and is out to prove the haters wrong with a joyful set designed to resurrect the potency and power of dance music’s golden years. “I’m trying to bring rave back,” says Skream…

Redlight - the artist formerly known as Clipz - is flipping the dance script, shattering genres into a million pieces and pioneering a mongrel music that’s thrilling a new electronic generation.
With a barrel full of dancefloor killers in his arsenal and a series of key festival appearances throughout the summer, he’s poised for greatness. DJmag learns more…

Big Beat Reunion Goes Off With A Bang

Dance legends set to play Glade for festival’s seventh year

Does Spectrasonics’ new bass softsynth plug-in Trilian deliver?

Win the VIP clubbing trip of a lifetime to Green Valley Brazil!