Two hours of techno bliss…

This week’s podcast is an exclusive live set from London-based producer/live act Saytek, created using only hardware and spanning a whopping two hours of techno bliss.

The mix was recorded live at the 7 Years Of NoiseFloor party at Salon Daomé, Montreal on 23rd June.

DJ Mag nominated Saytek for Best Live Act at our 2013 awards, and with a prolific output of EPs and live albums on Cubism, plus releases on labels such as Soma, My Favorite Robot Records, Wiggle and Monique Musique, he has steadily grown to become one of the scene’s most in-demand live acts.

We caught up with the talented DJ for a few quick-fire questions, which you can read underneath the podcast stream below.

First dance music song you loved? 
"I would never know the name of them they as where on rave tapes from my friend’s older brother’s collection. The first track I remember really loving and knowing the name of was Amorphous Androgynous’ ‘Mountain Goat’. Not strictly a “dance” track, but one that saw me through many years of post-club chill out sessions."

First club you went to? 
"Check Point Charlie in Reading, which was a wicked night at one point, and Carl Cox’s favourite party".

First label you loved?
"Warp/ Rephlex."

First piece of tech you bought?
"I was a proper geeky kid. I had a 505 drum machine and analog synths that I persuaded my mum to buy me from car boot sales well before I was old enough to get into a rave."

First DJ you worshipped?
"Carl Cox. I used to listen to ‘Essential Mix 1’ on CD over again and his was always my favourite on there."

First club you played in?
"Well it wasn’t strictly a club, but it was with Second Cell Underground House Collective, who did small but great illegal parties round London."

First wax you bought?
"It was a white label so I don’t know what it is."

First band you saw?
"Prince and the New Power Generation."

First apartment you lived in? 
"A complete wreck by the time we moved out."

First vinyl shop you loved?
"Eukatech. They used to stock all my releases back in the day."

First car you owned?
"I’ve never owned one."

First London club you loved?
"The Complex in Angel."

First album you played ten times over?
"Aphex Twin ‘Ambient Works’. Or was it Bob Marley’s ‘Uprising’? Maybe it was Prince’s ‘Sign Of The Times’. I really don’t know."

First time you went to Ibiza?
"2008 for my residency at Zoo Project."