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Premiere: GMG ‘5PM Pluto’

Emerging producer GMG steps up on Thirty Year Records with the ‘30+ EP’. ‘5PM Pluto’ is a shuffling, jazz-based house gem…


Emerging Berlin-based producer GMG will release their ‘30+ EP’ via Thirty Year Records on 30th November.

The elusive producer’s training in jazz music shines through on this EP, with each of its charming house cuts boasting nods, nuances and instrumental motifs from the style. While plenty of house artists have been toying with “jazzy” sounds in recent years – to painfully mixed results – it’s nice to hear someone doing it with a degree of expertise.

As such, ‘5PM Pluto’, with its shuffling beat, muted bass and dusty organ sound, has a lot more in common with Floating Points than it does with lazy-sampled-lo-fi-house. Refreshing and ready for the club, just like the rest of the EP. Check it out below.

Pre-order ‘30+ EP’ here.