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Eternal Children

Equiknoxx Music
Equiknoxx - Eternal Children
Don’t let the hypnotic melodies and tense emptiness of ‘Solomon Is A Cup’ fool you – this latest offering from five-strong outfit Equiknoxx is packed with curveballs, but it’s also as upfront and uncompromising as anything you’ll hear this month, when it wants to be. ‘Brooklyn’, which follows the aforementioned opener, raises fists and gun-fingers high in the air; a broken, stepping, proud workout that’s guaranteed to create sweat in many basements. Tracks like ‘Manchester’ – featuring Brent Bird and legendary party Swing Ting’s MC Fox – and ‘The Corner’ have clear roots in tropical soundsystems, but sexy R&B (‘Rescue Me’) and glitchy future rhythms (‘Good Sandra’) are also here. The sum total as inspired by the dancehall roots this crew clearly have as it is the outer-limits of experimental bass. Forward-thinking yet familiar, challenging but immediately engaging.