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James Zabiela , on his new label.

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, you will surely have noticed that James Zabiela has launched a record label. Born Electric will act as an outlet for James's productions and also electronic music from others across the spectrum.

One-time Sasha protege Zabiela has released on labels such as Renaissance and Hope in the past, and the first release on Born Electric, ‘The Healing’, is by James himself — and it isn’t what you’d expect.

The floaty ambient cut owes more to minimalist composer Steve Reich than Steve Lawler, and features James stepping into the booth to supply some dreamy vocals on top of the downtempo electronics.

It's a personal song, something that is as much organic as it is electronic,” says James. “It’s something that could appear on my album, should I ever write one.”

Wanting a version he could play in his DJ sets, James has crafted an airy, glitchy electroid dancefloor remix, while other overhauls come from artists hand-picked by James — Midland, Club Root and Gang Colours. Hot Chip, meanwhile, keep the mellifluous flow of James’ original but with a shiny, driving Hot Chip twist.