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DJ Mag premieres a track from Rene LaVice..

Rene LaVice is a Drum & Bass DJ/Producer from Toronto, signed to Drum & Bass don Andy C's label RAM Records. Previously Rene has released 'Where My Ladies At?', 'I Want More' and many more which you can check them all out on his Beatport page 

Rene LaVice is just about to release an EP 'The Calling', Featuring the vocal talents of Ivy Mairi, The Calling’ sets a precedent. This record not only appeals in an auditory sense, but it also conjures emotionally-lead visions of cinematic proportions as the building blocks of a heart wrenching story begin to unfold - two lovers hitting a fork in their relationship, taking different paths to fulfil different destinies. Mairis delicate, voice-propelled ballad is pushed forward by an undertow of growling bass in a track bursting with emotional significance.

DJ Mag have got our hands on the B-side 'Freudian', the B-side ‘Freudian flips the EP on its head, with a darkly progressive intro that instantly commands your attention - a headsy riddim thats gritty, growling and baring its teeth. As we drive deeper into the mix, the pitch is elevated sharply and the composition is diced up to leave you unnerved - a line of stamping drum patterns and raw bass. Listen to it below!  

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'The Calling' is out on RAM Records on March 1st.