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Premiere: Arvo Party ‘D a N S E’

Premiere: Arvo Party ‘D a N S E’

Synth-wave and ambient experimentalist Arvo Party releases his second album ‘II’ in October. New single ‘D a N S E’ is a spectral and atmospheric cut with loose, rattling percussion…

Arvo Party prem  dj mag
Arvo Party prem dj mag

Belfast’s Herb Magee AKA Arvo Party will release his second album ‘II’ in October.

With a prolific catalog of versatile electronics under his belt already, including a sprawling self-titled debut LP in 2017, the former punk bassist has been nothing if not prolific in recent years. ‘II’ finds the producer and multi-instrumentalist branching further into the varied electronic landscape, veering from ambient, vaporwave and komische to more heady, dancefloor ready forms.

The album’s first single ‘( D U S T )’ dropped last month and was his most epic work to date, with grand piano and synth swells towering over a resigned piano motif as altered vocals muttered longingly on top. With a heady rhythmic backbone and a deep bass groove, it was Arvo Party’s most dancefloor ready cut since he appeared in 2016.

‘D a N S E’ is slightly more familiar territory, with a scattershot, Kiasmos-reminiscent beat leading the track into a spectral and dazzling main section full of chiming arpeggios and eerie, robotic vocals. Listen to it below.

You’ll be able to get Arvo Party’s new album through his Bandcamp.