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Bok Bok releases solo debut on Night Slugs

With new 'Southside' EP

Bok Bok, the co-founder of Night Slugs (alongside L-Vis 1990), releases his debut solo five track EP ‘Southside’ for the label on 13th June.

“I feel grime’s given me a unique outlook on the music I play and make now. Especially because of how modular, creative and functionalist the music was,” says Bok Bok on the style that first inspired him.

“I love music old and new,” he adds. “I’m not concerned with limitations of genre, and I see similarities and opportunities for cross-pollination between disparate styles.”

The EP showcases Bok Bok’s hard-hitting sound and versatility with each track featuring various musical elements, fusing raw and convulsive acid house with functionalist 8-bar grime, such as on lead cut 'Charisma Theme'.

Bok Bok’s style has garnered him widespread recognition and landed him a spot on champion of the the underground Rinse FM.

Night Slugs have been a hot topic of conversation in electronic music, but Bok Bok says that he pays very little attention to the positive press he has been receiving.

"Nowadays people are more focused on pushing a product and promoting themselves when really everyone needs to get back to the music."